Jocelyn Wagner
"Wedding days are madness. It's like a whirlwind of herding cats! But Megan is the calm, kind, funny shepherd with steadfast focus - literally! For our wedding, and our engagement, she didn't just document the moments. She helped us pause and earmark them in our mind. So when we think back to that amazing day, it doesn't feel so much like a dream but an experience we can still feel."
Valentina Cesaratto
"It was an amazing sunny day and in spite of how nervous I was she made me feel comfortable with her conversation and hints as to my "poses". We laughed and talked and before I realized it two hours had passed and several dozen photos snapped. In very quick time Megan shared with me the final photos and I was so happy with the result. It's not easy for a 67 year old retired school teacher to end up glamorous but I did. She is extremely competent, confident, creative and a very capable photographer. I hope to work with her again."
Kathy Vito
"Megan did an excellent job of both of wedding and engagement photos. We were definitely not convinced going into the consultation that engagement photos were necessary, we didn't want something cheezy, or "forced" Megan was able to capture our engagement in just the right tone, capturing who we are, in a perfect way. We couldn't be happier with our wedding photos and we would recommend anyone who is looking for a fun, stress-free wedding photographer."
Trevor Battye
"Megan created exactly the head shot I needed for our website. It captured who I am, not only as a business owner but also as a person. I would highly recommend Megan for any business professional looking for a head shot."
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